Property marketing: What Is It?

As experts in all things related to property marketing, we at Marketing Elect are supporters of the real estate sector. With a lot of expertise in assisting property investment, Estate Agency, Property Design and Development firms (to mention a few) better engage with their target customers and soar above competitors via a well-executed strategy and immersive outreach.

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As you may know, throughout the past 18 months, COVID-19 has had a variety of effects on the real estate sector. One benefit for real estate investors has been the recent surge in home prices. The recent temporary government reduction in Stamp Duty costs is partially to blame for this. But some businesses have suffered significantly as a result of the epidemic, especially when it comes to how important it is to differentiate your product from the competitors now more than ever.

Another area that has undergone significant change is consumer behavior and our consideration of factors like moving (due to spending so much time at home) and investing in real estate (due to possible savings during lockdown). Virtual viewings, videography, and photography are becoming more and more common ways to advertise properties. More than ever, people in the real estate industry—whether in estate agency, investment, or development—need a well-executed marketing plan to adjust to shifting market conditions and stand out in a crowded field. This is due to the ongoing desire for a more modern approach.

The top property company marketing services, all of which ME provides, are listed below.

Advertising Plan

No matter the size of the company, knowing your clients and the market is essential. To achieve business growth and eventually sell properties, a well-defined, proactive, and effective marketing plan is essential.

This also applies to people who work in the real estate sector. Long-lasting connections will be built by creating a marketing plan that not only targets your company goals but also tells the targeted audience your brand’s narrative via emotion and culture—something that is crucial to keeping customers in the real estate market.

Development of Websites

It’s reasonable to argue that in every company, having a branded, user-friendly website is essential. The user’s experience is crucial. Your website serves as your online storefront, therefore it must be able to operate to its fullest potential in order to help you achieve your company objectives.

A successful website is essential for property firms, since they want information to be easily accessible and comprehensible on all devices. Using our skills in web construction, our property customers have produced outstanding websites that effectively represent their brands and present pertinent content in an easy-to-read format.

Production of Videos and Photography

Real estate businesses without flawless photography and videography are destined to fail since no one would invest in poorly produced material.

Almost always, buyers start their search by perusing internet photos of the houses they are considering. Real estate is sold through photos, and adding video tours to your listing is an added bonus.

A number of video content has been introduced by Flambard Williams, one of our property investment clients, utilizing videography to an unprecedented degree. These videos include internal training videos, an external “Masterclass” series, and “60 Second Property Fast Facts,” which were shot at our studio and edited by the ME creative team. Flambard Williams’s distinctive, immersive, and captivating material demonstrates to clients their expertise, experience, and reliability. As you grow to know the Flambard Williams family through photography and videography, you also get more familiar with the brand.

Social Networks

In the current world, maintaining your company’s social media presence is crucial. In addition to being a trailblazer for expanding startups, social media is also necessary for established firms to maintain their efficacious marketing campaigns.

Our real estate clients have focused on the aforementioned, and as a result, we have seen an increase in their social media presence and interaction. ME. are able to significantly increase our clients’ followings and levels of engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Specifically, Pinterest has grown into a social media platform that is ideal for real estate marketing. Pinterest and real estate work hand in hand as it is built on visually appealing photographs (think Instagram meets Pinterest), which is essential for marketing projects.

Sponsored Social Media Promotion

Boost your online visibility and maintain relationships with your clients by using social media advertising. It is essential that your company has social media accounts that are not only updated often but also accurately represent your brand.

Facebook and Instagram are two internet channels that are very useful for the real estate sector. Facebook due to the sheer volume of users on the network; also, the targeting tactics that may be implemented, if paid advertising is used, are highly successful in getting your content in front of interested, potential customers. Property thrives on image and video material, which is the only content types that Instagram supports. Proper property photography and videography will perform well on Instagram since these stand-alone components attract potential customers! You may be sure that these articles that have been “boosted” by sponsored advertising will reach a sizable audience that will interact with your material.

Content with a Brand

Anything from specialized social media postings to tangible pamphlets or booklets can be considered branded content. Your branding is crucial in the real estate sector if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. The identity, culture, and behavior of your company must be conveyed clearly and concisely to attract new customers right away. At the same time, it must be sufficiently diversified to keep existing customers interested. Branding your content may help you realize the full potential of your brand!

Email Promotion

Send out emails to your consumers’ inboxes to stay informed. Your messages may become more pertinent and responsive with the aid of this adaptable medium. Engaging graphics and material sent straight to personal inboxes through email marketing increase client retention, boost repeat business, and foster customer-brand interaction.

For individuals in the real estate industry, this approach is essential as it serves as a constantly updated means of communication for promoting new listings and advancements as well as serving as a gentle reminder to consumers about your brand.

This marketing solution, which includes newsletters, re-engagement, and paid email advertising, is quite successful, and we heartily suggest it to any property firm.

Advertisement Outside the Home

One of the most effective media outlets is still out-of-home advertising. Placing a message in front of an audience, whether through street signs, shopping center display screens, or classic billboards, still has great value.

This conventional method works really well for property firms in terms of brand recognition and memory. so people who are specifically looking for your business and who are interested in purchasing real estate will link your brand to a certain typeface, color scheme, and type/location of property!

Promotion of Events

As we come out of lockdown, interest in property investment events is growing once more. These seminars are crucial for increasing brand recognition as well as reaching a larger audience, which may eventually result in more devoted clients. It is imperative that you publicize your participation at every event that your property firm is sponsoring or attending.

This conventional marketing strategy gives your company more credibility since it demonstrates your enthusiasm, expertise, and experience by organizing events like this. Advertising for events you’re holding or involved in is essential since audiences are more inclined to trust your brand sooner if they encounter you in person! If no one knows about your event, what good is it to host or attend?

There are several ways to promote an event: digitally and physically. Email marketing, bus ads, pamphlets, social media awareness There are several strategies for promoting an event.

Although there are many additional marketing services available to the real estate sector, we have chosen to concentrate on the ones listed above since we think they are not only the greatest fit, but also what ME. does to the best of our ability.

Remember to get in touch with ME. If you enjoy what you see, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 01245 363419. We’re a welcoming group and would be delighted to hear from you!