Best practices and guidance for caravan awnings

Should you be organizing a caravan, motorhome, or campervan vacation in the near future, you may be considering purchasing an awning to bring along.

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A caravan awning expands the living area, making it a highly practical addition to a vacation.

However, choosing the correct size for your motorhome and deciding between an inflated air awning and a regular poled awning may be challenging.

We go over all of this and more to help you pick the ideal awning for your upcoming RV vacation.

A caravan awning: what is it?

An awning is affixed to your caravan, motorhome, or campervan, and functions similarly to a tent.

An awning may add extra living or storage space, or even bedrooms, depending on its size and style.

What kinds of awnings are there?

The three primary awning varieties that are commonly offered for use on caravans, RVs, and campervans are cassette or canopy awnings, porch or universal awnings, and complete awnings.

Complete awning

Your caravan will have a lot more living space and occasionally sleeping quarters when it has a complete awning covering one whole side.

Awning for the porch or elsewhere

A tiny porch awning is excellent for storing dirty shoes and bikes, but it won’t cover much more than the entryway. A wide porch awning covers much of one side of a caravan.

Awnings on a cassette or canopy

This is a shelter that may be installed on a caravan either permanently or temporarily. It extends from the roof of the caravan. In order to create a more contained room, some of the more expensive ones include walls.

How can I determine the appropriate awning size for my caravan?

The style of awning and the size of your caravan will determine the size of awning you require.

How big should a caravan awning be?

You must ascertain the “A” dimension of your caravan in order to install a complete awning. You can measure it yourself if it’s not in your owner’s manual:

First, make sure your caravan is level.

Put a piece of string or a soft measuring tape through the awning rail that circles the door side of your trailer.

Attach one end of the tape or string to the ground and let it dangle down on either side of the rail.

Mark the spot where each side contacts the ground by pulling the opposite side tightly.

To determine the “A” measurement, measure the distance along a piece of tape or thread between the spots where it touches the ground.

Is a regular awning preferable than an inflated air one?

Because they believe they are simpler to set up at a camping, some individuals prefer inflatable air awnings. However, many individuals still choose conventional poled awnings.

Whether an inflated air awning works better than a regular poled one is up to you. It’s worthwhile to conduct research to choose the product that best suits your needs.

What is the price of a caravan awning?

Because there are so many varieties of awnings, the cost will change according to the size and style you select.

For a modest porch awning, the price range is from £150 to £2,000 for a full-size one.

What is the lifespan of a caravan awning?

The sort of awning you purchase and how frequently you use it will determine how long it lasts.

It’s also crucial to take care of it; after using it, wipe off any muck and give it a thorough drying.

It’s vital to review the terms and conditions of any warranty offered by manufacturers or merchants before making a purchase, as some may provide a year or longer.

Are awnings for caravans waterproof?

Awnings for caravans are usually waterproof, although with usage and time, they may lose their efficiency. It could be necessary for you to periodically reproof your awning in order to prevent rain leaks.

In addition, you should make sure that your cassette awning is pitched at an angle to allow rain to drain off one side if there is a likelihood of heavy or prolonged rain.

If not, there’s a danger that water may pool inside the canopy, stretching the material and perhaps causing it to collapse or rip.