Bath Restoration: The Sustainable Approach to Bathroom Renovation

Given that it is in charge of upholding hygienic standards, the bathroom is among the most significant spaces in the house. Maintaining a clean and tidy bathroom is crucial, but no matter how hard you try, they eventually age and might use a makeover.

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The way we plan, build, and care for our homes in the UK has a big impact on the waste issue. In actuality, the building sector produces about 100 million tons of rubbish, or one-third of all waste produced in the UK. Given that one in five UK residents repair their houses during lockdown, the bathroom is the most modified room in the house after the kitchen. This translates to a substantial daily waste production.

The good news is that Mendabath’s restorative technique has the power to alter this. We provide a sanitary wear restoration method that lets you update your house without adding to environmental harm. Better yet, by opting for restoration over renovation, you may save a variety of CO2 emissions caused by the production and transportation procedures, in addition to saving a tonne of materials from landfills.

A wonderful option to give your bathroom a new appearance without having to incur the high costs of completely replacing your old bathroom is via restoration. Whether your shower, bathtub, or sink is discolored, chipped, cracked, or dented, Mendabath’s restoration services can restore it to its original splendor. Mendabath repair is not only a more affordable option, but it’s also a more environmentally responsible way to remodel your bathroom. With a little TLC, we can give your bathroom a makeover without harming the environment.

We at Mendabath address environmental sustainability from beginning to end. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental effect by adopting eco-friendly products and procedures. We employ non-toxic chemicals and vegan-friendly products because we believe in responsible restoration. Our environmentally friendly restoration method for bathrooms is made to help you do so without endangering the environment more.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end when we hand you off with your freshly refurbished bath. We’ve teamed up with two amazing businesses who share our commitment to environmental sustainability and provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions and products that we’ve tested on our resurfaced sanitaryware. After their sanitary ware is completed, all of our clients will receive a discount voucher for Bower Collective and Kinn Living to help them get started on their eco-free path.

For resurfacing sanitaryware, Bower Collective has a gentle, fragrance-free cleaning that works well. Bower Collective is dedicated to eliminating plastic, which is why all of its personal care and home goods are packaged in reusable containers.